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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  October 26, 2015 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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early. we're going to show you who got dressed up this weekend. >> there are a lot of amazing costumes. first serious business. we're now seeing for the first time how robin thicke and pharrell williams came out on the losing end of their infamous court case. >> they are candid and sometimes even combative. in this taped testimony that wound up costing the star millions of dollars. >> do you consider yourself an honest person? >> no. >> define a bluegrass chord structure please. >> i'm not here to teach you music. >> please define it. >> i'm not here to teach you music. >> robin thicke and pharrell are confrontational. >> do you make it a habit to be dishonest when you give
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interviews? >> when i give interviews, i tell whatever i want to say to help sell records. >> i think the strategy they were given was to divert and not answer any questions directly. the problem is, a deposition is actually deemed a court proceeding and you're to act as though you're in front of a jury. >> we have a shot of vodka and go. >> thicke said he was out of it during his 2013 media tour. >> with all due respect, i was high and drunk every time i did an interview last year. >> the deposition videos were just released by a federal judge after a jury ruled the singers copied "blurred line" from marvin gaye's 1977 song "got to give it up." pharrell was grilled about his ability to read music. >> i'm just asking whether you can read notes. you told me you could. i'm asking you to identify the notes you're shown and you can't do it, can you? >> i'm not comfortable. >> that's because you actually can't read musical notes, can you? >> i'm not comfortable. >> marvin gaye's family won 5.3 million in the suit and watched the depositions in court. >> were you drunk? >> yes, sir. >> he said it so easily and so flippantly. >> the family sat down after the verdict.
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don't know what's going on. >> next, the career impact. first, pharrell. the 42-year-old closed the mtv europe music awards in milan yesterday just hours after the deposition videos went public. williams is as popular as ever. and a season nine coach on "the voice." as for robin. well, it has been rough since "blurred lines." he split from his wife paula patton. and the album he released to win her back was considered a flop. >> i think these videos are going to be a pr nightmare for each of them and then they'll move on in time. >> certainly no doubt they're both very talented. >> yes. >> speaking of no doubt, there is also news on pharrell's fellow coach on "the voice" gwen stefani. there she is out this weekend looking for a pumpkin after settling her divorce.
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far less and they will custody of their three children. >> another "voice" coach adam levine in a big conference this weekend with maroon five. just announced today they're going out on tour together. after demi's plans with adam lambert reportedly fell thro but she told us there is no feud with adam. >> adam and i are really friends. love him. nick is one of my best friends and also business partners. complicated so demi and adam are all good. demi performed at the we can survive concert in l.a. saturday. she even retweeted adam's shout-out that blamed complex business negotiations for their tour falling through. just this morning, demi and nick
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made their future now tour plans >> obviously have a long history of being friends. in this moment. if there's ever a time to do it, it's now. party. will you dress up this year? >> i did actually think of something. >> we'll show you what he dressed up as later in our show. the event honored national breast cancer awareness month. the biggest surprise of the night, rihanna's appearance. this is sam smith's last show before heading overseas. >> i'm definitely having an in and out burger while i'm in l.a. >> in milan italy justin bieber swept the mtv europe music awards. >> justin bieber! >> justin bieber. >> thank you once again. i don't know what to say because i got these looks from my mama. >> the biebs took home five awards. taylor swift and nicki minaj were also big winners. and finally, the timberlakes get a night out.
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>> honey, look around, this is what adults look like. >> they do exist. >> they do exist. >> were honored at the awards dedicated to ending bullying in schools. >> it's an amazing, amazing honor to be here and listen ton the young people who are so courageous. >> we're both child actors and we feel like failures tonight. >> they've done a lot and doing even more. justin and jessica aren't the only famous parents who got to enjoy a night out. so did prince william and kate. they put "royal" in the premiere. >> it's not just a p tonight, it's a royal premiere. >> of course it does. it makes it extra special for everybody who comes to see it but also we're raising money for charity this evening and it just seals the deal. >> does it act as sort of -- >> this is great for me. i never get to come to film premieres. it's a different world for me.
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i'm just going to have fun, have a drink. >> a busy day for the future king and queen. earlier, the royals let their hair down a bit. getting into a shoe tossing competition at a children's charity event shown on daily mail online. but back on the red carpet, sparkling in a gold gown. monica bellucci draped in velvet. >> you had some pretty steamy scenes. how did you deal with that? did he make it easy for you? >> yes, you know, it was not the only ones to be a little anxious. >> in the movie, they hook up tangier, morocco. how could he pass up playing bond again? >> is it hard to continue? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> hopefully he is going to make up his mind soon because we're going to talking to daniel craig and the cast in mexico city on november 1st.
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don't even try. >> anyway, still to come tonight, we're inside the making of the new victoria secret fashion show. >> plus, fallon takes another tumble. see jimmy's injury after falling with a bottle of jager. >> and then, i'm talking to the orange county housewife who had a run-in with her husband's former mistress this weekend. >> i said, you got a lot of nerve being here. i had enough. i'm done keeping my mouth shut. >> that exclusive is next. first, we are commemorating 35 years of bringing you big exclusives here at entertainment tonigh we begin our anniversary celebration this thursday with the return of mary hart. >> 35 years of breaking entertainment news. >> generations have grown up with this as their source of information. >> 35 years of making entertainment news. 35 years of making history. >> i'm mary hart for "entertainment tonight." >> "e.t.," always there. >> there's the kiss. >> and the exclusives keep on coming. >> only on >> this is like a dream come
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true. it's great. >> we're celebrating the icons. >> thank you, "e.t." >> never stop dreaming and hoping and wanting to be better. >> and the stars remember their very first time on "e.t." >> like a club promoter. >> i like the part where my mom, she swallows a bug. >> oh, my god. >> you have to see this.
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tonight it is reunion show of the real housewives of miami. one stories is shannon's marriage. her husband david had an affair and this weekend shannon had arun in with the other woman. >> i was just shocked to see she was there. and so this time i thought i'm not just going to roll over and not say anything. i said, you got a lot of nerve being here, nicole. i found myself in front of this stand. i screamed, that's the girl who had an affair with my husband. >> shannon then posted this photo from a usc game writing, quote, someone with no moral compass decided to show up again. angry they had apparently purchased season tickets a few rows from th
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>> i hope to one day say this affair has made my marriage better than it ever should have been and i want to move forward. i'm sick of talking about it. i'm done, i'm done. >> aren't you going to talk about them on the reunion show tonight? >> it's part of the process when you're on a reality show. >> take a look at her and compare. >> the story is how she deals with it in life and he can century advertise and not at fair. >> you fix i you leave. you don't cheat. >> they have actually not made a statement yet but they finally made a statement about the situation. nicole understands she's made a terrible mistake. and there's been an incredible price paid by both families.
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bravo and the other cast members will a us and our children to live our l in peace. >> this is the first i've heard any sort of remorse from her it it's always -- i haven't seen any remorse or respect. so nice to get. apparently maybe she's taking responsibility for her role. >> we'll see what shannon has to say tonight on part 2 of the reunion show. i just hope all these people can move on with their lives. >> but that doesn't make for good reality tv. >> coming up next, see queen b and the stars dressing up early for halloween. then, did nick carter ditch dancing for the backstreet boys? >> i was with the guys. >> plus, jon stewart and wife. is jon now spending his days caring for animals? daily show" to running a petsmart.
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geouofheas g fs. hollywood's halloween came early with beyonce channeling halle barry's storm character from "x men." queen b was unrecognizable at sierra's surprise birthday bash. sierra was a sexy cat woman. kelly rowland and serena williams were also part of her b-day squad. john stamos devilish. while it was a spooky carnival at the playboy mansion where brody jenner played deejay. nick jonas was that burger thief. and at maxim's holiday party,
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kobain. >> i'm a vampire but i lost my fangs. >> nischelle turner joins us now. halloween is coming e val's show "dancing with the stars." >> val's on nick carter's team so i stopped by rehearsal to see what they're scaring up over there. here's the hint, nancy. they're called team nightmares. >> this one is extra speci >> because you got --
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>> team nightmare's number puts a halloween twist on "the nightmare before christmas." >> most people like christmas or valentine's day. i'm just kind of a weird creepy guy and i enjoy halloween. >> i'd say nick digs halloween. the backstreet boys video everybody is a horror classic and the guys performed it at the beaumont fashion event last week. the event caused nick to miss a rehearsal for this dance. >> you actually didn't make the rehearsal. >> it was great, i was wit guys and it was an honor so i had to go. i'm here and we're trying to make up for it. >> it's been a scramble for team nightma tonight they say expect chills. so what's going to be special about this? >> the song is halloween. the other team has ghost
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busters. i passed up on the song for this one because i had the choice on this. >> this is not about rainbows and ponies. this is about ghouls and goblins and tricks and treats so we're going to give it all. >> oh, yeah, this is going to be good. now, dates are just announced for the "dancing with the stars" live dance all night tour. they're hitting 43 cities starting december 15th and they begin in salt lake city. >> their shoes are going to be worn out. >> yeah. >> nischelle, thank you very much. here's a date that millions of jon stewart fans will never forget. august 6th, 2015. because that is the day that he retired from "the daily show." >> we haven't seen a lot of jon since then but he made a rare public appearance. he is loving the semiretired li >> i wish somebody told me life was this good. i'd of left the show like ten yea
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remember how excited fred flintstone was when he heard that bell? every day, i feel like i'm still sliding down that dinosaur's tail. >> at home for jon are his wife and kids. >> i think he's been even nicer. because i do think it's just how much goes on, right, honey? >> sure. >> are you kind of ready to get him out of the house? >> no. i waited for 15 years to get him back in the house. so no. >> you're carpooling a lot i'm sure. picking up from practic >> you would think -- i had it built up in my head like, i've never gotten to do this. so i go and pick him up from school. like, hey. >> you're expecting him to excited. >> growing up with dad missing a lot of great moments. >> i'd call and be like, what are you doing? >> we're having a game night. we're playing apples to apples. oh, you should see nate and maggie hugging each other. i'd hear them laughing in the background. like.
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>> as for any temptation to watch his successor trevor noah, there is none. >> we watch what the kids watch. there's timings when we get away just the two of us and we'll end up in a hotel room turning on, like, the disney channel. >> be honest -- >> it's embarrassing. >> we'll watch "full house." >> we'll watch "full house." >> it's embarrassing. >> just because it reminds us of them. >> you guys met on a blind date. how'd that work? >> we met on a blind date. i was so nervous to be on the blind date. i didn't talk for the whole >> she didn't say anything to me. i was just like blah blah blah. after he asked me if i wanted to and then i had one drink. then he realized i had a lot to say. >> 15 years of marriage later it's still working. this weekend, they were honored by the farm sanctuary for their work for that organization. check out dad on stage. they have a lot of rescue animal. >> we have two new pigs from farm sanctuary we adopted.
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we have dogs two guinea pigs. one hamster. two fish. one parrot. >> oh, we have kids. really went from working at "the daily show" to running a petsmart. >> jon is also busy watching his beloved mets. they're playing in the world series for the first time in 15 years. he like a lot in new york are all caught up in mets fever. it's crazy. >> which american horror story star? trained with the secret service? what do you thin >> i don't know. that's a tough one. >> it is, isn't it?
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answer.tt2watx#@n4 p bt@m>o4 tt2watx#@n4 p "a@m.cp tt2watx#@n4 p bm@m%h\ tt4watx#@n4 r dz welcome back to show. in tonight's "e.t." birthday, which american horror story star trained with the secret service? >> protected hillary clinton for a night and tipper gore before the election. >> that is dylan mcdermott who turns 53 today. he was training for the film "in the line of fire." >> ever wonder what it takes to put together the victoria secret fashion show? it is a huge production. it aiis december 8th on cbs. >> we've got some big star news. take a look.
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bye, everybody. >> when do you think we'll have -- >> rihanna has agreed. she's got a new album. and she wants to do it. we had four artists in the show last year and it was the best show yet and it rated really
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i think we keep that formula.y. avsl iert hi. a viabt uny?
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